Early Years

The Early Years curriculum is split into seven areas of learning, three prime areas and four specific areas.


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
  • Physical Development (PD)
  • Communication and Language (CL)


  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

The Early Years curriculum is underpinned by a play-based approach where children have access to all areas of learning within the classroom and also in the outside learning area. Our mornings are more structured with daily Phonics, Kinetic Letters, Literacy and Maths sessions. At other times the children have free flow between the areas and can discover for themselves, through carefully planned play opportunities. This approach allows the play to be child initiated but purposeful.

Topics are planned in great detail to take account of children’s interests and link the areas of learning. Topics covered last year were ‘Superheroes’, All Creatures Great and Small ' and ‘People who help us’.

Parents are welcomed into school for regular pop ins which are held once a half term. We encourage parents to work with us to support their child with home reading, letter formation work and Maths challenges. We work closely with our community and particularly our feeder preschools both before the children start school and after, when we invite them in again to see how the children have settled into school life.

The children are continually observed and assessed by teachers and teaching assistants so that they progress rapidly towards achieving the ‘Early learning goals’, which the children are assessed against at the end of their reception year.

In essence we want our children to be happy, confident learners who enjoy coming to school and are keen to learn. As we take children from many preschools, we spend a lot of time building friendships and promoting positive emotional development. We are the ‘Foundation stage’ and we believe we build the solid foundations for a lifetime of learning that 'prepares children for life in modern Britain'.

For more information about our Early Years curriculum, please speak to our Senior Leader for Early Years, Mrs S. Matthews.

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