Forest School

We are thrilled to be the first setting in the West Midlands to achieve recognised Forest School status from the Forest School Association.

We have been so lucky to access Forest School Leader training here at Ham Dingle Primary! Mrs Matthews is a Level 3 qualified Forest School Leader, you can usually find her down in the forest having lots of fun. A big thank you to our HSA who have funded 30 sets of waterproofs to keep us warm and dry whilst having fun at Forest School.

Want to find out more about Forest School?

You can view our presentation for parents here If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to ask Mrs Matthews in Reception Class


We asked Year 1 and their parents to share their views about Forest School

Children's Views

Parents' Views

  • Has your child enjoyed Forest School?

    "Yes, definitely"

    "Absolutely loved it - favourite day of the week"

    "Yes, she has loved Forest School and has talked lots about the games played and food that has been cooked"

  • Do you think Forest School has been a positive experience for your child?

    "Yes, it surely has been a positive experience"

    "Yes, she looks forward to it and an outside learning experience has been exciting for her"

    "It has been a very positive experience. She always looks forward to it and loves sharing what she has done each week. I think it's especially good for Year 1 children as the transition from Reception to Year 1 is huge. It provides a fun, relaxed and explorative way of learning. I really hope that she is able to access more in the future, It's such a lovely opportunity for all children"

    "Very positive - love the concept of it and children being outdoors"

    "Definitely, it gets her outdoors which she loves. Talked to parents with children at other schools and they love the idea of it. Hope she gets to do it again. Thank you!"

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