E-Safety Policy

Please click this link to view our E-Safety Policy.

E-Safety Workshop for Parents

Parents and carers were invited to a workshop about e-safety on Thursday 26th May 2022. We spoke of how to safeguard our children when using devices that allow internet access, such as parental controls and following PEGI ratings. Here is the slideshow for your information:

How to enable Parental Controls on devices

Please click on the following information for advice on how to set up safety measures to ensure your child has as safe a journey using the internet as possible.

Setting Parental Controls

E-Safety Workshop

Here is some useful information about internet safety. Please take particular note of the following social media age restrictions.

These websites offer help and support:

  • ThinkUKnow An education programme from the National Crime Agency with advice about staying safe online
  • CEOP Policie website for reporting and advice on child exploitation online

Social Media

The minimum age that people are allowed to use social media sites is 13. These social media sites are restricted to those aged 13 and over:


WhatsApp is for those aged 16 years and over:




Top Tips for Internet Use

1. Keep personal information private 6. Choose strong passwords
2. Keep your privacy settings on 7. Make online purchases from secure sites
3. Practice safe browsing 8. Be careful what you post
4. Make sure your internet connection is secure 9. Be careful who you meet online
5. Be careful what you download 10. Keep your antivirus up to date

These tips are outlined in more detail here

If you're worried...

If you or your child require support, please contact the school office and ask to speak to Mrs Feane, Mr Wilkinson or any member of our staff. You can also contact any of the mental health services below:

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