Our school uniform has been selected to provide attractive functional garments, which may be readily bought at local clothing shops and large stores at reasonable cost. Our branded items are optional but many parents like to have the logo embroidered items.

Click here to view branded items or order uniform for delivery to school or your home address.

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name so they may be returned when lost. Please use a laundry marker pen (widely available or on sale at the school office for £2) or clothing name labels. We recommend www.stikins.co.uk

Autumn and Spring Term

Grey (not charcoal) school trousers or knee-length skirt - our preference is trousers for all as children frequently sit cross legged on the floor.

Jade polo shirt - branded version available via the link above or plain from Asda or Sainsburys supermarkets

Navy school sweatshirt or cardigan

Black, enclosed school shoes - ballerina pumps/slip-on shoes are often difficult for young children to keep on all day. Velcro fastening is ideal until your child can do their own shoe laces. In poor weather you may wish to walk to school in other footwear but please send school shoes in a carrier bag to change into at school: children should not wear trainers, boots or wellingtons for the whole day.

Grey or navy socks or tights

School book bag for Reception /KS1 or a small rucksack type bag for KS2

Summer Term only

Grey tailored short trousers with grey or navy socks

Navy gingham dress (not culottes style) with white socks (white leggings may be worn under navy gingham dress only)

School cap for use outdoors

Year 6 adaptation to our uniform

White, button up, collared shirt

Navy blue, v-neck jumper

School tie

For PE lessons and sporting activities

Navy blue shorts

T-shirt in their House colour (Red, Blue, Green or Yellow)

Pumps and a small, named drawstring bag which can be left in school with their PE kit inside

White socks

Navy blue tracksuit/ jogging bottoms (optional)

In the interests of your child’s safety it is not possible for children to wear jewellery during PE, swimming or games lessons or sporting activities. They will be unable to participate wearing earring studs in any of these lessons until they are able to remove the jewellery themselves.


Trunks or full body swimsuit. Swimming caps are compulsory for children with long hair. Goggles may only be worn for medical reasons - request for this needs to be in writing to the school

Items we prefer not to see

  • Hoodies in place of a coat (a waterproof coat with a hood is ideal for most school outdoor activities)
  • Jewellery of any kind (pierced ears should only have small studs and must not be worn on PE days if the child is unable to remove them for themselves)
  • Make –up or varnished fingernails/false nails
  • Large accessories worn in the hair (a small hair bobble/hair band in school colours (grey, navy, jade) is sufficient)
  • Designer or expensive items
  • Non-uniform foot wear: trainers/training shoes except for PE lessons; boots/wellies; open toe shoes/sandals; flip-flop type
  • Extreme hair styles or colours

We very much appreciate parental support for keeping our children looking smart in our community. Judgement of suitable, permitted items are at the discretion of the Headof School and may vary from time to time as fashion trends change. Uniform policy is agreed by Governors and reviewed when changes are necessary.

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