At Ham Dingle, we believe that being a confident, able mathematician is essential in ensuring that our pupils are given the best life chances possible. We understand that maths is vital for making sense of the world around us by seeing patterns and making connections. Our goal is that our pupils develop a curiosity about maths, which is seen, most importantly, as a matrix of skills and knowledge. In maths, we teach to mastery. This ensures that no child is left behind. If a concept is not understood, we reteach it but in a different way. 

At Ham Dingle, we have adopted a curriculum, following the NCETM Prioritisation documentation, that provides opportunities: 

  • To foster positive attitudes, fascination and excitement of discovery through the teaching and learning of mathematical concepts.
  • To develop a ‘can do’ attitude in our children, especially when problem solving and pattern sniffing.
  • To broaden children’s knowledge and understanding of how mathematics is used in the wider world by making rich and varied real life connections.
  • To enable our pupils to confidently reason about their mathematics, using a suitable range of mathematical language, recognising its importance for communication and deep thinking.
  • To use a wide range of models, visual manipulatives and practical resources to develop a deep conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency.

Through our maths vision, we are passionate and fully committed to developing a balance between the children’s procedural fluency and a conceptual understanding.

Our Maths teaching is underpinned by the NCETM's Five Big Ideas. This allows children to deepen their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and enables them to confidently 'talk maths'.  Our maths leader works closely with our local maths hub and the school is currently participating in the two-year Mastery Maths KS2 programme and the Mastering Numbers Programme for EYFS & KS1. Every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 has access to a discreet, daily, explicit number lesson for fifteen minutes which follows the NCETM Mastering Number programme. These lessons aim to secure firm foundation of number in all children from Reception through to Year 2, ensuring that all the children will leave KS1 with confidence and fluency with number.

Once they have a firm grasp of each mathematical technique, we challenge our pupils to use what they have learnt and to make rich connections across the distinct areas in order to solve problems. We believe it is important for children to be able not only to find the answers to problems but also to be able to explain the reasoning behind their lines of enquiry using accurate mathematical vocabulary.

In order to ensure all Ham Dingle pupils, become confident mathematicians, our pupils learn the following essential characteristics of mathematics:

  • An understanding of the important concepts and an ability to make connections within mathematics;
  • A broad range of skills in using and applying mathematics;
  • Fluent knowledge and recall of number facts and the number system;
  • Strand stickability – essential core mathematical knowledge;
  • The ability to show initiative in solving problems in a wide range of contexts, including the new or unusual;
  • Fluency in performing written and mental calculations and mathematical techniques;
  • A wide range of mathematical vocabulary.


Key Stage 2 Calculation Policy

The NCETM is influenced, inspired and informed by the work of leading maths researchers and practitioners across the country, who aim to build a culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths. Teachers follow the long term plan as outlined by the NCETM and adapt the teaching sequence to meet the needs of their pupils. We have chosen to follow this pathway from September 2021, to meet the needs of our cohorts in regard to any lost learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Planning Overviews - Curriculum Maps

Maths Year 1 Curriculum Map

Maths Year 2 Curriculum Map

Maths Year 3 Curriculum Map

Maths Year 4 Curriculum Map

Maths Year 5 Curriculum Map

Maths Year 6 Curriculum Map



Supporting Learning at Home - How parents and carers can help at home

Komodo's Kickstart maths quizzes give parents instant and private feedback on how well your child is progressing at mastering Key Stage 1 & 2 numeracy skills. Visit the site to take a quiz here:  (Year 6 only)

White Rose Maths have teamed up with Michael Underwood (parent, teacher & presenter) to create a series called 'Maths with Michael'. If there is a strand of maths which you find dificult to support your child with, you might find the following link useful

Year 4 Multiplication Check Information

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