Pupil Leadership

Our Pupil Leadership team is currently being selected. Please come back soon to find out who they are!

Take a look at our roles and responsibilities

Head boy and head girl

What is expected of us?

  • Wear our badge with pride at all times
  • Be able to write and deliver speeches (sometimes to the whole school)
  • Talk to visitors about Ham Dingle and what we do here
  • Be an exemplary Ham Dingle learner by attitude and appearance
  • Complete tasks in our own time to develop our role and the school
  • To set an excellent example at all times, wear correct uniform and demonstrate outstanding behaviour
  • Report to Mr Tilley 

House captains/attendance angels

What is expected of us?

  • Represent our house team at events when needed
  • Count attendance percentages each week and give out raffle tickets for gold, silver and bronze.
  • Stand up in assemblies to represent our house
  • Collect the trophy for best attendance in VIP assembly
  • To be gracious when our class does not win that week
  • Assist during sporting events e.g. Sports Day
  • Report to Mrs Feane



 What is expected of us?

  • Lead the class we are assigned
  • Model the expected behaviours to our class
  • Welcome visitors to VIP assembly each Friday
  • Patrol the corridors on my assigned days and times
  • Report any issues to SLT 
  • Prepare hall space for assemblies and gatherings
  • Support children at lunchtimes in the dinner hall and escort year groups into the hall
  • Report to Mrs Matthews


Wish well buddies

 What is expected of us?

  • Identify children who have missed learning
  • Take these children to a quiet part of the classroom
  • Share our learning with them that they have missed
  • Explain the learning in as much detail as possible
  • Answer any questions they might have about the learning
  • This job might involve a few minutes of our break time
  • Report to the Class Teacher daily



 What is expected of us?

  • To ensure the library is neat and tidy at all times
  • To organise books within the correct group/genre/topic
  • To promote a love of reading across the school
  • To choose focus books for display on a regular basis
  • To gather pupil voice about books they have enjoyed
  • To report to Mrs Homer


Playground leaders

 What is expected of us?

  •  Be prepared to give up some break and lunchtimes
  • Notice children who are alone and not mixing and engage them in games.
  • Escalate issue to an appropriate adult if we unable to resolve
  • Be Confident in leading games across all year groups and uphold the rules.
  • Ensure all playground equipment is tidied in correct boxes and leave by the shed for adults to put away. Not to enter the shed
  • To report to Mr Lord


Wellbeing champions

To do this role you need to be:

  • Kind, caring and flexible
  • A good listener
  • Reliable
  • Have a good understanding of your own and others feelings
  • To be able to give sensible and appropriate advice when needed


What is expected of us?

  • They will give up 1 or 2 break and lunchtimes per week.
  • To wear the yellow armband when on duty
  • Understand when you need support from an adult to help others
  • Support or give advice to anyone who is upset or hurt and to take them to an appropriate adult if needed.
  • Year 6 should give support to and help year 5 as they are new to the role.
  • Wear high-vis arm band to make you visible


Digital leaders

What is expected of us?

  • To distribute iPads and laptops to classes when required for Computing.
  • To promote E-Safety,
  • To work with special visitors on United Learning Projects.
  • KS2-two Digital Leaders to be trained to work the music system/assembly slides.
  • To report to Mr Wilkinson.


Science ambassadors

What is expected of us?

  • supporting class teachers in preparation for science lessons
  • propose new ideas for developing science in school
  • helping to organise and look after the school's science equipment
  • support in delivering future STEM clubs
  • support and contribution during science-themed assemblies
  • encourage excitement for science amongst all children
  • To report to Miss Edwards


Eco team

What is expected of us?

  •  attendance at regular meetings to discuss progress/next steps
  • share the progress of any work as part of the Eco Team with the school
  • support in Eco-related activities e.g. litter picking, planting in the school garden
  • lead by example through acts like recycling and encouraging others to do so
  • Report to Miss Edwards


School council

What is expected of us?

  • Prepare a speech to class teacher and read it to the class to be elected.
  • Listen and contribute in meetings.
  • Give up part of Thursday lunchtimes, so that we can meet with other School Councillors.
  • Take notes, including important points during meetings.
  • Report notes accurately back to class.
  • Help with fundraising to improve the school.
  • Make posters to promote activities.
  • Speak in assemblies.
  • Be a positive, passionate role model.
  • To report to Mrs Feane

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