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Ham Dingle Primary School
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Parking around the school

Please be warned that the council CCTV surveillance van has already made visits to Ham Dingle and is scheduled to repeat visits to monitor inconsiderate parking and those breaking the law are likely to be fined. Particular concerns are parking on the zig zags both on the approach to the main road crossing and the yellow zig zags outside the main entrance. We are working with the council to look at the issues around Ham Dingle. However, the problems are caused by a few inconsiderate parents who are putting children's safety at risk. Thank you to those parents who have taken it upon themselves to approach others who are causing the problem and have offered their support to me regarding this ongoing issue.

Some positives: the Signals Officer will be monitoring the crossing and hopefully extending the crossing time; the council are looking at the main entrance area and traffic control on that road; the school are purchasing some equipment and signage (this is money that I would rather have been used to support learning but instead is being re-directed to safety on the roads outside school because some parents have ignored the endless pleas for considerate parking).

Please, if you are an offender, adjust your behaviour before you risk the safety of our children. 

Mrs Grace, Headteacher

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