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Ham Dingle Primary School
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Who’s Who

Executive Headteacher:

Miss Michelle Green


Head of School:

Ms D Hunt

Assistant Headteacher, SEND Co-ordinator and Designated Safeguarding Lead:

Mrs C Feane

Early Years Leader (Responsible for Early Years Foundation Stage):

Mrs S Matthews

Classes and teachers:
RM-        Mrs S Matthews

1H -     Mrs C Homer
1W -    Miss L Walker

2W -    Miss S Whitmore
2H -     Miss S Hill
3H -     Mrs B Huggins
3C -      Mrs L Clay
4DH -   Mrs S Dunn, Mrs A Hale
4H -     Mrs K Humphreys
5L -     Mr H Lord
5E -     Miss R Edwards

6TW -  Mrs S Thorogood, Miss E White
6P -     Mrs T Parkes


Specialist Teachers:

French: Mrs L Glover

Music: Mr S Wilkinson - Subject Leader


Cover Supervisors:

Miss L Harris

Mrs Z Bishton


Support Staff:

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs L Parry
Mrs D Hebberts
Mrs J Powell
Ms D Horton (SEN)

Miss E Clarke

Mrs D Penn

Mrs K Gaymer (SEN)

Miss L Ravenscroft (SEN)

Mrs H Cooper


Inclusion Team:

Miss S Brown (Inclusion Teaching Assistant)

Acorns Breakfast & After School Club:

Ms D Horton (Breakfast & After School Club Manager)

Miss L Ravenscroft (Breakfast Club Deputy Manager)


Acorns Breakfast & After School Club Play Leaders:

Mrs K Gaymer

Miss L Ravenscroft


Office Staff:

Miss R Garratt (Receptionist)


Mid-day Supervisors:

Mrs C Black

Mrs E Downing

Site Manager:

Mr R Taylor

Mrs S Smith

Mrs J Douglas

School Catering Staff employed by Catalink:

Mrs C Weaver (Head Cook)

Mrs L Allen
Mrs C Foley

Mrs L Tyler

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