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Ham Dingle Primary School
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Welcome from the Children

Welcome To Ham Dingle Primary School


As the Year 6 School Councillors, we are very proud of our school and we would like to tell you a bit more about it.

The pupils at Ham Dingle play well together and care for one another.  They are kind and welcoming to any new children in their class. As well as Ham Dingle being a friendly place, it is also a fun place. For instance... Despite the good amount of challenging work, the teachers do well at making lessons fun as well as educational.

At the end of every year, children are allowed to show off their talents at the Ham Dingle Talent show.

We also have lots of great opportunities; Street Dance, rugby, cricket, football, orchestra, drama, multi sports, the list goes on!

The playgrounds are great: there is a massive field, two large playgrounds and climbing areas.  We also have Year 6 Playground Leaders on the calm and active zones.

There are currently projects happening to develop the school gardens.  We have a lovely cookery area for pupils to learn to cook.

Ham Dingle gives opportunities for each year group to go on school trips to visit new exciting and educational places throughout the school year. For example; the Environment Zone, Castles, Thinktank, the Black Country Museum and residentials at Plas Gwynant and Astley Burf.

We would recommend Ham Dingle as a fantastic place to send your child!

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