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Virtual Choir

On this page I will post any music and lyrics we need for our virtual choir. We are going to sing 'I'm Still Standing' this time! We have performed this before as a choir. Make sure you sing higher than me - I'm singing quite low! Also, check out the video I have done on the 18th issue of the Friday Flyer to see the guitar solo dance! The lyrics are included below as well.


If you would like to join in, use the track below, record your video using the instructions if you are unsure and email the address, subject Mr Wilkinson Virtual Choir. I will then give you access to a Dropbox account to upload the video.


Please remember, if you send me the recording of your child singing, you are happy for them to be put on social media.


There are instructions on how to record yourselves singing below - please read these before recording yourself so we all know how to do it.


I look forward to seeing the videos of you all singing along!


Mr Wilkinson

I'm Still Standing

Forest School