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The Botanical Gardens, Birmingham

We had a super time at the Botanical Gardens! We walked around using our senses, taking in all the lovely smells and finding the different plants they belonged to. We went on a senses walk with one of the workers at the gardens, using mirrors to see how a bird sees in the tree tops, and we created a scent cocktail from leaves and petals that had fallen to the ground. Take a look below at all the fun we had!

Eamonn Riley visits!

We were excited to host Eamonn Riley for an assembly. We learnt all about his books and why he writes. Here are some examples of our children's work showing information they found out.

Music Festival

2DW went to Greenfield Primary School and took part in a music festival with other schools. We sang some communal songs and did some funny actions! We also sang 2 songs on our own, performing to the other schools. All of the children enjoyed singing and had a lovely afternoon hearing the other children as well.

Forest School