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Ham Dingle Primary School
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RW Spring Term

Week 1

This was our first visit to Forest school in 2020 and the sun came out for us. Mrs Matthews made a ladder and some of us helped her. When it was finished we could climb it, we got right to the top. It was quite high but we were really brave. Lots of the boys wanted to make bows and with a little help they made some super bows. Next week we would like to make some arrows and a target to shoot at. 
Mrs Thomas helped us recycle the school Christmas tree into a table. We are going to play Some games on the table.


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Week 2 

Today was wet and a bit chilly and we tried to keep moving to keep ourselves warm. We enjoyed climbing on the low ropes and using the ladder. We had the canopy up and we enjoyed catching the rain and using it in the mud kitchen. We made 'soup' and 'cake'. Some of the boys made rockets using the willow. Mrs Sampson helped them to tie them willow together into the shape they wanted.

Next week we would like a fire to keep ourselves warm. 

Week 3

Today we had Parent - Pop in so we had less time at Forest School. We had a fire to keep us warm and took the kettle with us. We boiled some water to make our hot chocolate? We talked about how we boil a kettle at home using electricity but there is no electricity at Forest school! We watched the water boil and the kettle lid dance around. 
Next week we would like to cook on the fire. We decided we would like hot dogs and sauce. Watch this space! 



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Week 4

We were very excited today to have our hot dogs. We made a fire then watched them cook in the frying pan. We only cook vegetarian food at Forest School but we had no complaints at all from the children. The quorn sausages and red sauce went down very well. Isla had brought us some special biscuits and we had those with our hot chocolate. We were well and truly spoilt today! 
Next week we would like to cook some toast on the fire. 

Week 5

Today at Forest School we all had a go at cooking our toast on the fire. We took it in turns to cook then spread our own butter and jam on the toast. It was yummy! We talked about keeping ourselves safe near the fire and were quite surprised how hot it was when you were cooking. 
Next week we would like to use the saw and cut some wood for ourselves. We would also like to use the ladder. 

Week 6

We had a go at cutting our own wood today, using the saw horse to hold the wood steady. It was very wet at Forest School and we enjoyed the muddy puddles. We had a fire to keep us warm and as a special treat, we tried out our new popcorn maker. We all tried some popcorn with our hot chocolate. 



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Week 7

Wet, Wet, Wet is the only way to describe today. We found a flood at Forest school and had great fun jumping in all the puddles. As it had been pancake day this week, we cooked pancakes on the fire. We could choose from chocolate sauce or lemon juice. Yummy! 


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Week 8

What a difference a week makes! The sun was out today and the flood had all dried up. It was quite warm so we didn't have a fire. We played 'Tree tag' and enjoyed moving around the site. Some of us used the stage to perform to our friends. We made hula hoops out of the willow and played 'Hoop La'.

Next week we would like to use the ladder and maybe make a new one. 


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Week 9

we chose to use the ladder today and we are getting quite brave! If we climb to the top we can see the tops of everybody's heads. We enjoyed performing on the stage and several children sang songs and danced for their audience. 
We opened up the canopy and found lots and lots of slugs underneath. Just right for making slug pie! 
Next week we are looking forward to welcoming our Mummies when we celebrate Mother’s Day with them at Forest School. 

Forest School