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Ham Dingle Primary School
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RW Autumn Term

Week 1

Today was our first week at Forest School and the weather was perfect! We all had extra layers on and we put our special blue waterproof suits on top to keep us dry. We walked down to Forest School, over the very muddy field. We learnt how to step into the fire circle and sit down safely. There are lots of mushrooms at Forest School this year and we learnt the rule of ‘no picking, no licking’ so we keep safe. We had great fun exploring the site, especially the dens that we found. We found a rope swing and a mud kitchen! We finished our session with a hot chocolate and a biscuit. 

Rope swing

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Week 2

This week Forest school was very wet because it rained all day yesterday. We found a flood by the fence and had great fun jumping in the huge puddles. We got very mucky but our waterproof suits kept us dry. Some of us tried to make a seesaw but the wood kept breaking. We’re going to ask Mr Taylor if he’s got any stronger wood. 
We talked about the animals that might visit Forest School when we aren’t there. Ibraheem would like us to bring a camera down and see if we can catch any visitors. We think we might find foxes, badgers, birds and squirrels. Watch this space! 


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Week 3


Today was a little bit wet so we got our canopy out for the first time. We found lots of mini beasts living in it and some HUGE spiders. Some of us found worms and took them to live in the bug hotel. We made bows and arrows using the willow and some string. We’ve set up the night vision camera so we can see what visits Forest School when we aren’t there. 

Week 4

Today Forest School was really muddy and we had great fun playing in the mud! Some of us wanted to cut some sticks so we used the saw horse and the bowsaw. Mrs Sampson made some lovely shapes with the willow. Some children used the Ipad to take some photos. Next week we would like to take a small camera down so we can take some pictures of around the site. We also talked about having a small fire next week . The suits were so muddy today that we had to get the hosepipe on them at the end of the session!


Week 5


Today was really mild at Forest School. We had a little fire in our fire pit. Mrs Matthews showed us how to set up a fire safely and we talked about how we keep ourselves safe. We spotted the fire blanket, fire bucket, fire gloves and fire extinguisher. We watched the fire and counted the colours we could see. We made sure we put the fire out so it didn’t spread. 
Today was a good day to find mini beasts. We found lots of worms and moved them to the bug hotel. Next week we would like to have a bigger fire and show Miss Walker we know how to keep safe around the fire circle. We also need to take the camera because we forgot this week. 

Week 6

Today we had a bigger fire and Mrs Matthews managed to keep it going until we had our hot chocolate and biscuit. We had a little flood at Forest School and we enjoyed jumping in the muddy puddles. Some of us had very muddy socks when we got back to school! We made some mud paint and painted paper plates. We hung them on the washing line to dry then took them back to school. We also made ourselves a
see-saw using the big logs. 


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Forest School