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Ham Dingle Primary School
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RH Spring Term

Week 1


This was our first visit to Forest School this year and it was a busy day. The weather was really kind to us, it was quite warm and definitely didn't feel like January. We did lots of jobs around the site. The adults fixed the canopy cover after it got ripped in the recent windy weather. The rope swing log broke so we found a new log and fixed it. Mrs Matthews and Miss Godsall tried it out before we went on it, to make sure it was safe.

We noticed that the birds had eaten all of our bird food so we made some new bird feeders using vegetable fat, bird seed and pine cones. We have hung them around the site and next week we want to see if the birds have found them. 

We also enjoyed the mud kitchen today and made good use of the new equipment we had taken with us. Some of us found some reusable paper and we enjoyed drawing with our friends.

What a busy day! 

Next week we would like to do more climbing. 

Week 2

Today we got to use the ladder. We had to take turns and use it one at a time. You need your feet and your hands on the ladder at all times. We also enjoyed climbing on the low ropes course that we helped Mrs Matthews set up. Mrs Thomas and Mrs Weaver have started cutting down the willow and planting it to fix the fence. 
We had a hot chocolate and a biscuit at the end of the session. Next week we would like to do some painting and colouring. 

Week 3

Today we decided to have a fire to keep warm. We took the kettle with us and boiled some water to make our hot chocolate with. Lots of the children didn’t know what a kettle was and we talked about how we use electricity in the house but we can’t at Forest School. 
Some of the children wanted to draw so we took some extra pens and pencils and paper. 
Next week we are going to cook something on the fire. Watch this space!

Week 4 

Today at Forest School we had a fire and cooked some soup. We talked about the ingredients we were using and watched it bubble away in the cauldron. We had vegetable soup today with bread to dip in! We were really good at trying the soup. 
Next week we would like to make some dream catchers using the willow. 

Week 5 

We had good weather today but still had a fire because it was chilly. We made dream catchers to take home out of willow and wool. We enjoyed playing in the den that the Year 4 children made and enjoyed all the mud! We looked at some bark that Mrs Gaymer had brought in. 
The next time we go to Forest School we are going to do some cooking. 

Week 6

Wet, Wet, Wet is the only way to describe today. We found a flood at Forest school and had great fun jumping in all the puddles. As it had been pancake day this week, we cooked pancakes on the fire. We could choose from chocolate sauce or lemon juice. Yummy! 


Still image for this video

Week 7 

Today the weather was much better and the flood had all dried up. Mrs Thomas planted the Christmas Tree in the ground with the help of some of the children. She also brought us some bulbs and planted them under the trees. We have spotted lots of signs of spring around Forest School. As all the puddles had disappeared, we made our own using the water from the water butt. 

Next week we would like to have a fire and cook some hot dogs. Watch this space. 

Week 8

When we arrived at Forest School today, the fox had visited and had left us a present! We talked about what foxes like to eat and drink. We cooked some quorn sausages on the fire and had some hot dogs. We even had red sauce! We enjoyed our hot dogs then went off to carry on playing. 
we are looking forward to our Mummies joining us at Forest School next week to celebrate Mother’s day. 

Forest School