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Ham Dingle Primary School
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RH Autumn Term

Week 1

Today was our first visit to Forest School. We learnt how to put on our blue suits which took quite a while. We were all dressed in our own clothes with extra socks and extra jumpers to keep us warm. We sat around the fire circle and played the wellie game to learn how to move around it. We had time to explore Forest School and we found lots of dens and a mud kitchen. We used the pots to collect any mini beasts and we learnt how to drag our sticks.  Before we came back to school we had a biscuit and some hot chocolate. We had a great time! 

Week 2

Today we took some watering cans to forest school and we filled them with water from the water butt. We watered the plants and the trees. We had our snack around the fire circle with our friends. 

Week 3

This week the weather was dry but cold. We made sure we had extra hats and gloves on. We took some wool with us and made some magic wands and some dream catchers. We hung some in the trees around Forest School and took the others home. 

Week 4

Today we had the canopy up because it was raining a little bit. We had a little fire today and used our fire circle rules to keep us safe. We talked about lighting the fire with matches and sang a little song "Matches, matches never touch, they can hurt you very much." We looked at the colours in the fire and watched the smoke. We learnt to shut our eyes and count to 10 if the smoke came towards us. We put the fire out safely using lots of water and we made sure there was no more smoke. 

Next week we would like to have a bigger fire so we collected some sticks and sorted them into sizes. We’ve put the wood away to dry so we can use it next week. 

Week 5


This week we decided to have a bigger fire.We collected some more wood and sorted it into sizes. We made some Christmas decorations out of willow and some foliage from the trees. we have hung a Christmas wreath on our school gate. 

Week 6


It was chilly today so we had a big fire to keep us warm. Mr Taylor gave us some lovely dry wood to burn. Despite the cold we found a few ladybirds. We were sitting around the fire when Santa called us on our walker talkie. We all wished him a Merry Christmas by singing to him. We left some food for Santa’s robins to eat over Christmas and he said thank you. How exciting! Some of us made pictures using the natural brushes while others enjoyed playing in the mud! It was quite windy and we had lots of fun as the tarpaulins blew into the sky like big tents.

Forest School