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Ham Dingle Primary School
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Home Learning 2020

Each week, Reception children are set an activity to complete at home alongside practising their phonics phonemes and reading book. Thank you to all of the grown ups for their continuous support - your help really does make a huge difference. 

Number Songs

We are using the Numeral Song song to support our formation of numbers to 10. You could use chalk, water, paint or felt tips to write the numerals.

To support children with counting to 20 and recognising patterns in teen numbers, watch and sing along to The Number Rock. You could pause the song at different points to clap or jump the number shown on screen. 

Tricky Words

We are using these songs to support the reading of irregular common words. These are tricky words that can not be sounded out and need to be recognised on sight.

Pencil Hold Song


Use this song to help your child learn how to hold their pencil correctly.

The Pencil Hold Song

Use this song to give your fingers a workout!

Pencil Workout

Kinetic Letters Formation


To help the children form their letters correctly, please encourage the children to say the rhyme as they write each letter, starting at Brave Monkey or Scared Monkey

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