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Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


This term we had an exciting time at Warwick Castle!

We learnt about how people lived in castles, who reigned during different periods of history and we learnt where the castles were built around the country.

We read a variety of fairy tales and twisted tales! Some of the characters ended up in the wrong books!

At home, we made castles with our families and brought them into school to show each other. They were all fantastic!

Our maths workshop was very well attended by parents who were very impressed by the exciting things that Year 2 were able to share with them.

We went to the Synagogue!

We had a lovely time visiting the Birmingham Progressive Synagogue. We learnt about the Torah, the tallit and other important artefacts that the Jewish people hold dear. We gasped in awe when the Ark was opened to reveal the resting place of the Torah.


Synagogue Trip

Warwick Castle

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