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Ham Dingle Primary School
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This term we have learnt all about earthquakes and volcanoes. We really enjoyed learning all about the different layers of the Earth and how volcanoes are formed. We loved learning about the devastating volcanic eruption that destroyed Pompeii. We enjoyed making and sharing our own models.
This is the day we erupted our own volcanoes! We made our volcanoes erupt using baking soda, vinegar and red food colouring. It was so much fun to make such a mess!


We have learnt all about healthy eating and looked at what we do to keep ourselves healthy. We also looked at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who used different fruits and veg to create fantastic portraits.
We invited our parents and carers into school to help us make a healthy plate out of bits and bobs. We even designed and made our own fruit kebabs to enjoy at home!

Smoothie Challenge


We learnt all about healthy eating and exercise. We combined the two to make our own delicious smoothies.

In English we read the book Charlie and the Chocolate factory. We created our own backstory for the Oompa-Loompas and we acted out the story so that we could easily remember the story.
This gave us the opportunity to go to CADBURY WORLD! We had a great time learning all about the process of making chocolate. We even got to eat some! Take a look in our Trip satchel!
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