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Ham Dingle Primary School
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Summer Term

Week 1

Today we were amazed at the difference in Forest School. The leaves have all come out on the trees and it felt really different.

"Its all dark."

"The trees have been growing when we weren't here."


We had great fun looking for minibeasts. We found lots of ladybirds and beetles. We found some eggs on the back of the leaves and we think they will become caterpillars. Some of the children used the litter pickers to collect the rubbish at Forest School. We think the wind blew it all in.

Next week we would like to cook on the fire and we voted to make pancakes.

Week 2

Today was really wet and we put the canopy up to keep us a little bit drier. We decided we didn’t want soggy pancakes so we will be having a fire next week. We spent a long time today collecting the water as it ran off the canopy and making mud pies and mud cakes. We love jumping in the muddy puddles at Forest School. 

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Week 3

Today was beautiful and we finally got to cook our pancakes on the fire. We chose our own toppings and enjoyed sitting around the fire to eat them. We spent time collecting the ‘helicopters’ off the floor. It looked like a green carpet. 

Forest School