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Ham Dingle Primary School
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Spring term

Week 1

This was our first week at Forest School in 2019. It was very cold but we wrapped up warm and had a great time. We enjoyed played hide and seek, it's getting harder now that all the leaves have fallen from the trees! While we were sat around the fire circle it actually started to snow. Miss Clarke even caught a snowflake on her glove! Some of the children found a hole that they think a hedgehog had made. We decided to investigate hedgehogs more once we were back in school.

Next week we would like the tools out again so we can cut some wood.


Week 2 

This week we decided to have a small fire to practise our safety around the fire circle. We talked about how we keep safe and what to do if the smoke gets in our eyes. 

"Close your eyes and count to 10"

We made mud paint using special eco washing up liquid and food colouring. 

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Picture 3

Week 3 

This week the weather was really cold so we decided to have a big fire to keep us warm. James said it was "very relaxing." We took some straw with us and enjoyed making homes for the animals to keep warm. We set up the night vision camera and left it behind to see what animals visit Forest School when we are not there. Watch this space!!

Next week we would like to do some cooking on the fire."Toast and jam would be nice" 

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Week 4

Today we cooked our own toast on the fire. We used a toasting stick and had to kneel next to Mrs Matthews. We put our own butter and jam on then enjoyed our treat, sitting next to the fire. It was Lyla's birthday so we had some cake and sang Happy Birthday to her. Lyla even brought us some sweets to celebrate her special day.

Next week we would like to make some log dogs. Watch this space ......

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Week 5

This week it was a bit warmer so we decided not to have a fire. We enjoyed making log dogs and swords. We made some bird feeders using bird seed and fat. We have hung them around forest school to encourage more of our feathered friends to visit. 

Mr Taylor joined us to work on his special project. We’ve been trying to guess what he’s building. What do you think it will be?

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Week 6 

This week we decided we didn’t need a fire because the weather was a bit warmer. We checked on our bird feeders and saw that our feathered friends had been enjoying our bird seed. Mrs Lomas has been fixing our fence and some of the children helped her by collecting the willow. She made holes in the ground then pushed the willow in. Some of our other volunteers helped us cut the willow back and weave some of back in. 

We looked for signs of spring and found a purple crocus hiding in the leaves. We made a fence around it to keep it safe. Some of the boys found another flower that hasn't opened yet. Brogan took a photo so we can compare what it looks like after half term. 


Forest School