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School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2015-16

At a glance



Areas for Development


Achievement and Progress




To ensure all pupils make at least good or outstanding progress from their starting points on a half-termly basis in Reading Writing and Maths (End of year, children have made between 3.1 & 5.0 (good) or 5.1 (outstanding) progress.  (KS1 & 2)



To raise attainment in Reading, Maths and Writing for all identified groups, so pupils achieve above the national average in those subjects.


To raise attainment in Science, so all pupils make at least good/outstanding progress.


Teaching and Learning


To ensure all teaching and learning over time is consistently good or outstanding (books, data, pupils, lesson observations) by end of Summer Term.  (60% outstanding)



Leadership and Management


To further develop a creative and effective curriculum that is relevant for Ham Dingle children.



To develop the roles of all leaders and managers in school in order to improve standards



Behaviour and Safety


To raise standard of behaviour during structured and unstructured parts of the school day.



Buildings and Maintenance


 Develop areas around school to support health and safety, raising standards and the environment