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Ham Dingle Primary School
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RW 2018-2019

Week 1

We were so excited to get to Forest School we forgot to take the we'll tell you what we got up to!
"I loved climbing trees"
"I liked having a biscuit at the end"

"Next week I would like more pots and pans for the mud kitchen"

"We made a jail!"


Week 2

This week we were super at putting on our waterproofs and helped each other, we are kind friends!
We got stuck in straight away digging for worms, building dens, cooking in the mud kitchen and so much more. We were excellent at carrying the trowels safely. Here are a few photos.

Week 3...

This week was a little chilly so we put all of our layers on first!

We enjoyed identifying fungi, climbing trees and cooking in the mud kitchen using flowers.

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 8
Picture 9

"Next week I would like a swing"

"Next week I need some water to water the flowers"


Week 5...

This week started off VERY rainy...but by the time we arrived at Forest School the sun had come out to play.

We were very busy creating Christmas decorations using willow and wool, we also worked as a team to create a large wreath, adding holly, ivy and other evergreen leaves.

A few weeks ago we decided we would like a rope swing, we ordered the rope and this week it arrived! First we had to make sure the area was safe by moving any logs and sticks out of the way. Next we helped Miss Clarke attach the rope and she got to have the first go to test it was safe. We had so much fun and were excellent at taking turns!


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Picture 8
Picture 9

Week 6

This week was very cold at Forest School, the field was very frozen and frosty, but the sunshine came out for us!

We had lots of fun on the rope swing, we remembered the rules really well. We carried on making Christmas decorations and playing in the willow maze!


Week 7...

After a few weeks off we got stuck in and remembered all of our rules!

We enjoyed putting up the hammock, it was a little tricky to get in but with a bit of team work we could do it!

We created pick axes out of sticks and had lots more fun on the swing.


"I want to build a scarecrow, we need some sticks, some straw and a top"
"My pick axe isn't a proper one it just breaks, maybe we need a real axe" 

Week 8...

This week we were so busy at Forest School, which is a good job because it was so cold!

Last week we decided we wanted to make a scarecrow and that's exactly what we did this week! We worked as a team to stuff straw into the clothes, then attached him to a stick. Finally we added a head and a scarf made from ivy.

We enjoyed swinging very high on the tree, we had to hold on really tight.

It was icy cold so we did star jumps to get warm, next week we would like a fire to keep us warm!


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Week 9..


This week we had our first small fire at forest school! We sat around the fire to keep us warm and talked about some food we could cook on our fire. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 10...

Last week we decided we could toast some bread over our fire using a stick, so that's exactly what we did!

First we built the fire, then we took it in turns to toast our bread, when it turned golden brown we added some butter and jam. Yum yum!


Week 11

This week the weather was beautiful and sunny! We were busy making swords with sticks, making mud pies and cakes in the mud kitchen and some of us even built a human trap - be careful if you visit!

We used a clove hitch knot (also known as Mickey Mouse ears knot) to build a new gate in the willow maze.


We spotted some crocuses that had grown since last week, we took extra care around them.

Next time we would like to make some shields to go with our swords!

Forest School