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At Ham Dingle we have a Curriculum Leader for RE who attends the Dudley Primary Coordinators meetings. We follow the recommendations of the SACRE Dudley Agreed Syllabus for teaching RE in our school. Religious education is an important curriculum subject and makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and supports wider community cohesion.

The purpose of the RE Agreed Syllabus is to support the provision of high-quality RE in Dudley local authority maintained schools.

The agreed syllabus is shared below:

Dudley SACRE Agreed Syllabus

For more information about our R.E. curriculum, please speak to your child's class teacher or ask to speak to the RE Curriculum Leader, Mrs Thorogood.

 Whole School Overview



Autumn 1

(1st half)

Autumn 2

(2nd half)

Spring 1

(1st half)

Spring 2

(2nd half)

Summer 1

(1st half)

Summer 2

(2nd half)


Using the  Early Learning Goal: “They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions”, children will learn through a variety of religious practices and festivals such as Easter, Eid, Diwali, Chinese New Year, Pancake Day, Christmas, etc.

Year 1

How do religious people show they belong?

Why do Christians give gifts at Christmas?


Why are Shabbat and Passover celebrated?


What can we learn from visiting a church?



Why are babies baptised? (inc. wudu)

How do Muslims practise their faith?


Year 2

Why is the Torah important to Jewish people?



How do people show praise and thanks to God?

What makes  a good friend?

(inc Christian love 1 )

What happened when Jesus went into Jerusalem?

(Easter 1)


What makes a hero?


Why did Jesus tell these stories?



Year 3

What rules are really important?


What important journeys were made during the Nativity?

Why should we care about the planet?

How do Buddhists practise their faith?


What do signs and symbols mean in religion?


What is the bible and why is it important to Christians?

(inc Christian love 2)


Year 4

Do Hindus believe in many gods?



Why is Diwali celebrated?

Focus Day

What was Jesus like?


Why is Easter important to Christians?

(Easter 2)


What makes a good prayer?


How do Muslims express their beliefs through practices?


Year 5

Does faith make a difference?

Why is Muhammad important to Muslims?


How do the beliefs of Christians influence their actions?

(inc Christian love 3)

Why is a mosque important to Muslims?

V (Mosque)

How do Sikhs practise their faith?




Where is God?

Year 6








Why do Muslims celebrate Hajj?


Where did the Christian bible come from?


What does  Holy Communion mean to Christians?



What do Christians believe?

(inc Easter 3)


Do we have a soul?


What am I committed to?

Generic to include mixture of faiths









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