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House Points

Our house-point system is being changed at this time, certain features are still being decided and may change.



How do I get house-points? House-points are given out by staff to pupils as a reward for:

  • Outstanding work
  • Thoughtful contributions to a class/group discussion
  • Examples of kindness, courtesy, and good manners
  • Excellent effort

Where do I put my house-points? In your classroom there should be a laminated house point chart that you can add your points to.

What do house points do? The team with the most house-points at the end of each term will receive a trophy in assembly. At the end of the year the team with to overall highest total will be crowned.



We will still be maintaining 4 houses with the original colours of blue, green, red, and yellow. Names will be selected at our first 'house afternoon'.


House Captains:

Who will the captains be? House captains will be selected from our year 6, with a boy and a girl captain being chosen from each house.

What will the house captains do? House captains are responsible for collecting in the house-points every Thursday at lunch.


Head of the House

The head of each house is a teacher. Each term the head will hold a 'house afternoon' for their house. Your head will also organise activities for the team to do.


Who is my Head of House? Your head of house will be announced at your first 'house afternoon'

Blue: (pending)

Green: (pending)

Red:   (pending)

Yellow: (pending)