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Our fantastic winners! Enter our next competition soon...

Our fantastic winners! Enter our next competition soon... 1
Our fantastic winners! Enter our next competition soon... 2
Our fantastic winners! Enter our next competition soon... 3

Safer Internet Day 2017: Design your own Emoji

Parental involvement highly recommended.

Children, if you are doing this alone, go and get a parent. They might need to learn how to do these types of things too!!


This Safer Internet Day we want to empower children to have a positive time online and inspire everyone to ‘Be the change’ and use the positive power of image to help create a better internet.

Parents: please use this opportunity to get up to date on what your children already know about browsing, downloading and communicating via the internet. Ask them about their experiences, discuss the importance of staying safe and look up how to do this together. Use this time to check your parental control settings and access rights your children have, explaining that these are good things to ensure your children can have a safe and positive experience online. Discuss how they communicate using technology and ensure they understand the importance of ‘what to share’ with the focus mainly on images.


You can download a PDF design sheet to print and a PNG design sheet to save and edit at the bottom of this page.


You can then choose to print out the form and complete the design by hand. However, the design must be entered electronically. You may take a photo or scan the image and then attach it to an email.


You may also choose to create your design electronically using which ever creative art software you have access to. To enter these please save your design as either a .jpg, .png or .bmp and then attach them to an email.


Emailing your design:

  1. Please email your completed design to info@ham-dingle.dudley.sch.uk
  2. To enable us to locate your designs quickly, please add the Subject #emoji to your email.
  3. Ensure your name is included as text in the email.
  4. Don’t forget to add your design as an attachment!


All entrees must be submitted by Monday 6th February 2017.

The winning design will be announced in assembly on Tuesday 7th February 2017.


Note: children are not expected to have their own email accounts. It is advisable that the children use the email account of an adult who has given permission to do so.