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Aims, Values and Ethos of Ham Dingle


Ham Dingle Primary School


School Ethos:-

We aim to create a happy, caring and safe environment in which all individual children can have a sense of value and belonging. On this basis all other aspects of the education process are built.


School Aims:-

All children are valued as individuals and whist in our care we aim:

 To help them develop their characters and personalities as fully as possible, having regard for the ‘whole’ child’s being intellectual, emotional, spiritual, moral, social, cultural and physical.

 To provide a broad education, which will consist of a range of meaningful educational experiences across the whole range of the National Curriculum subject areas, Religious Education and beyond, so that each child can achieve his/her potential.

 To develop a positive attitude. This will be reflected in children showing themselves to be socially responsible, having accepted standards of behaviour, being well adjusted and capable of contributing as member of our demanding and diverse society.

 To give our children an appreciation of, awareness of, and respect for the richness of a variety of cultures within the local community and society as a whole.

 To develop fairness and equality of opportunity, regardless of gender, race, religion or social back-ground.

 To create strong links with parents, sharing in the education process, co-operating in Home-School partnership.